Cinders the adult panto

12th – 21st December 2013

Cast included:

Helen Hart – Cinders

Gregory Hazel – Prince Charming

Anthony Fagan – Buttons

Jamila Jennings-Grant – Dandini

Fraser Warrinner – Selma

Alex Foott – Patty

Hilary Harwood – Fairy

Carl Bradley – Baron and Fairies Assistant

In the mythical Kingdom of Fringeland, love is in short supply. Thankfully, innuendo and mirth are on the rise, and the antics of the dysfunctional Skidroe family would have you rolling in the aisles if we had space for any aisles.

– Will Prince Charming find true love, or at least true lust?
– Will Cinders finally enjoy one of the Prince’s magnificent balls?
– Will the ugly sisters find a man that they don’t have to chloroform into submission?

For answers to all this, and jokes brazenly stolen from some of the best writers in the world, come along and enjoy the phenomenon that is sweeping the nation* – adult pantomime.

Cinders: “Fun for NOT all the family.”

*not based on any actual statistics

Written by Chris Towndrow
Directed by Emma Trow
Choreographed by Nicola Lakin