Owls in the Moss

Owls in the Moss

9th April – 13th April 2013

Written and Directed by Arvid Larsen

Jon played by Spencer Cummins

Helen played by Caroline Deverill

Fred played by Charles Daish

Jon has just had his first play produced on a west end stage. To celebrate he takes his wife, Helen, to his family’s cottage in the Norwegian mountains. They are both at turning points in their careers and need some quality time together.
On their first night they meet Fred, a psychotherapist on leave staying in the neighbouring cottage.

What should have been a relaxing week-end away turns into a nightmare when, over one fateful night, Jon and Helen get their relationship put to the ultimate test.
As the hours draw towards morning it becomes clear that its not just their marriage that’s in danger but their sanity and in the end, their very existence.