A little bit of Grit in the Oyster

2023 is a big year for Guildford Fringe, it’s our tenth birthday (we did think of calling it our anniversary, but when we found out the gift for 10 years is tin, we went with birthday…seriously, what sort of present is tin!)

Anyway, big birthdays take a lot of planning and we have some spectacular events, concerts, live shows and theatre productions already lined up. We will be adding dates to our diary right up until June and of course, we will keep you completely up to date with details.

I will add a quick note here to say that we have contacted more than 800 acts, performers and Companies, asking them to submit their proposals and ideas for this year’s Fringe. We have included just about everyone that has appeared for us over the last ten-years, so keep your eyes peeled for some returning favourites as well as spectacular new productions.

We began the planning stage last year, but our first ‘proper’ meeting was yesterday. We discussed the shows and themes, the venues and the marketing, sponsorship packages and promotional ideas for 2023, after all, you’re only 10 once.

We also took the opportunity to look back over the last ten-years, the acts, the laughs, tears and gasps of delight that we have delivered to audiences of all ages. It was our very own Phil, Manager of The Fallen Angel that asked ‘how many people do you think we have ‘upset’ in the last ten years?’

It caused a bit of laugh but then we thought about it. Isn’t it part of our job to take some risks and yes, maybe even ruffle a few feathers every now and again, all branded appropriately of course?

Our primary goal is to entertain, but in doing this we cannot allow ourselves to become too comfortable, and we will always deliver the crowd pleasing productions, but among the programme there has to be the occasional swerve, a possibility to see something completely new, potentially ‘boundary pushing’ but worth taking a chance on.

After all, you need a bit of grit in the oyster to make a pearl.

A little bit of Grit in the Oyster

By Nick Wyschna

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