This show will be performed at Guildford Fringe Festival 2024

Producers: Nick and Charlotte Wyschna for Wysch Productions LTD and Guildford Fringe Theatre Company.

Director: James Chalmers

Written by James Chalmers, assisted by Nick and Charlotte Wyschna

Lighting and sound designer: Chris Elcocks (MC Productions)


Rehearsal Dates:

From 24 June, Monday – Saturday

Rehearsals venue: The Fallen Angel, High Street, Guildford GU1 3DP


Performance Dates:

1 July – 18 July, Monday to Thursday only

Performance Venue: The Fallen Angel, High Street, Guildford GU1 3DP

The show will be part of Guildford Fringe Festival

The show is approx. 1 hour long



£350 per rehearsal week

£400 per show week

Pro rata on a 6 day week

Inclusive of travel and expenses

We have not put shows on weekends to help you work elsewhere if needed.



Set in the modern-day Fallen Angel Cabaret Club, a place of indulgence and contradiction within the historic Angel Hotel in Guildford, “Stabbed From Behind” is a darkly comedic, adult themed, murder mystery.

The club, known for its decadent atmosphere and outrageous performances, becomes the scene of a peculiar crime. Mikhailo Harpo, the cabaret owner, is found dead, but we never see him alive—his presence is felt only through the discovery of his body and the stories told by the characters.

The venue is a 55-seater venue.


To apply:

Email with what character you are applying for and a link to your Spotlight.

The first round will be self tapes followed by a final round in person.


Casting breakdown:

We are looking for a diverse cast of performers to make up the small company of 3. There will be multi-rolling as well as playing your main character.

We are looking for incredibly strong actors for all roles who can hold a tune.


Stephen is the master of ceremonies, a whirlwind of extravagant suits and flamboyant ties, his voice booming over the speakers, filling the room with electric energy. Onstage, he’s larger than life, a torrent of outrageous jokes, scandalous anecdotes, and an unbridled enthusiasm that’s infectious. His humour knows no bounds, and his ability to connect with the audience is unparalleled, making every show an unforgettable experience. Yet, the moment the spotlight dims, Stephen transforms. Offstage, he’s surprisingly introverted, a man of few words, socially awkward, and unable to express his feelings of love for Titty Van Sparkles. This duality makes him a fascinating enigma, a man who lives for the applause, and thrives with a “performer identity” or temporary persona that shields them from the social anxiety they experience in more personal interactions, where he is rendered socially impotent. Stephen is not just an emcee; he’s the heart of the show, bringing light, laughter, and a touch of mystery to the stage.


Titty Van Sparkles is the embodiment of allure and forbidden desires. With every swivel and sway, she tells a story of seduction, her body moving with a fluidity and grace that hypnotises the crowd. Her costumes, a mix of vintage glamour and modern risqué, leave little to the imagination, yet it’s her eyes that truly captivate, holding secrets untold and promises of untamed adventures. Titty is unapologetically open about her sexuality, using it as both a weapon and an invitation. Offstage, she’s a whirlwind of flirtatious banter and bold, unfiltered opinions, living her life with a fervour that’s both enviable and slightly scandalous. Titty Van Sparkles is not just a burlesque dancer; she’s an icon of empowerment, challenging norms and embracing her desires without restraint. Secretly in love with Stephen and she knows he is in love with her, but despite her genuine feelings, Titty’s profession, which thrives on provocation and performance, influences her approach to expressing love. Instead of directly communicating her emotions, she teases and taunts Stephen, using the language of performance she’s most comfortable with. This to a disconnect that underscores the contrast between their distinct personalities and emotional languages.


Connie Lingus is the epitome of sass wrapped in the brilliance of sequins and feathers. Standing tall in her six-inch heels, she commands the stage with a presence that’s both intimidating and utterly captivating. Her makeup, a meticulous masterpiece, accentuates her sharp features, while her outfits scream avant-garde. Connie is known for her razor-sharp wit, delivering jokes and jibes with a precision that leaves the audience in stitches, yet always teetering on the edge of scandal. Offstage, she’s a mentor to many, sharing her wisdom and the secrets of her craft with an unexpected warmth and generosity. However, cross her, and she’ll serve a comeback so fierce it could cut glass. Connie Lingus is not just a drag queen; she’s a force of nature, blending comedy, critique, and compassion in a dazzling display of drag excellence.


Stabbed From Behind Murder Mystery Casting Breakdown

By Nick Wyschna

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