Embarking on the first day of rehearsals for Sleeping Beauty Felt A Little Prick is like entering a secret world where laughter, innuendo, and unabashed revelry reign supreme. Behind closed doors, a unique brand of magic unfolds, setting the stage for a performance that combines the charm of traditional pantomime with a saucy twist.

A Sultry Symphony of Anticipation:

In the rehearsal room, there’s a palpable sense of anticipation and excitement that goes beyond the conventional. Actors, directors, and crew members bring a mischievous glint to their eyes, ready to delve into a world where boundaries are pushed, and comedic liberties are taken.

Characters Unleashed:

The characters in an adult pantomime, often cheeky and flirtatious, come to life in ways that are as bold as they are entertaining. The first day of rehearsals sees actors embracing their roles with a sense of uninhibited enthusiasm, giving their characters a charismatic edge that adds to the risqué charm of the performance.

Laughter, Collaboration, and Adult Camaraderie:

Humor takes center stage, as the room resonates with laughter that leans towards the daring and risqué. The collaborative atmosphere is marked by a shared understanding among the cast and crew – an acknowledgment that the adult pantomime genre thrives on a unique blend of wit, charm, and a sprinkle of naughtiness.

Choreography with a Flirtatious Flourish:

Dance routines in adult pantomime rehearsals often blend the artistry of movement with a flirtatious flair. Our Choreographer Charlotte works her magic, crafting routines that are both visually captivating and playfully seductive, adding an extra layer to the allure of the performance.

A Sneak Peek into the Saucy Spectacle:

The first day of rehearsals for an adult pantomime offers a tantalizing glimpse into the spicy spectacle that will unfold on stage. It’s a unique form of entertainment that promises not just laughter but a liberating and cheeky experience for the audience.


Our first day of rehearsals for an Sleeping Beauty Felt A Little Prick is an exhilarating initiation into a world of risqué charm, where boundaries are stretched, and laughter takes a bold leap into the adult realm. As the curtain rises on the first day, it’s evident that the journey into the enticing and flirtatious world of adult pantomime is set to be an unforgettable, uproarious adventure. Get ready for an evening of laughter, wit, and a touch of tantalising magic!

Unveiling the Risqué Revelry: A Peek Behind the Scenes on the First Day of Adult Pantomime Rehearsals

By Nick Wyschna

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